Sales and Marketing

Teamworks Retail Services sales solution offers clients a team of highly motivated sales professionals who can represent brands on a dedicated basis or in our shared model.

Teamworks works directly with our clients to ensure that we are targeting the correct retail channels and have the right sales strategy to create success within the specific channels.

Our sales team is made up of sales professionals from both Manufacturing and Retail environments providing an in depth understanding of clients needs within the retail channels that require sales calls to influence ranging, distribution and promotional compliance.

Teamworks sales team represents clients in the following channels:

  • Independent grocery
  • Hardware
  • Health foods
  • Pharmacy
  • Foodservice

Our sales team use Smart phones and Tablets (Hand held technology) instore utilising the sales and turn in order application that allows for REAL time order capture using the Sales@work reporting platform.

To find out how we can best assist you with your Sales and Marketing needs please contact Teamworks